10 Mind Blowing Apps You Must Use in 2022 (Android and IOS)

Do you want Blow your mind?

In this article we’re checking out 10 Mind Blowing Apps that will blow your MIND. we’re already discussed about lots of Cool apps before. if you are interested check it out . so, Here are the details and links to all the apps just below. 

1. Clip Drop

ClipDrop is the quickest way to extract anything around you and use it for your next presentation, a social post or your e-commerce website products images.this is the one of 10 Mind Blowing Apps.

You don’t need a photo studio anymore, and you can easily replace the background for any objects.

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

2. Charging Sound 


  • Persistent service: Background service.
  • Autostart on boot and after update
  • Custom sound notification: You can choose any audio file
  • Custom battery percentage
  • Text to speech
  • Ringtones
  • Notification sound repetition
  • Option to ignore the system audio profile (Play sound in silent, vibrate mode)
  • Option to disable the service during a call
  • Easy to use

iPhone      :      Shortcuts

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

10 Mind Blowing Apps You Must Use in 2021 (Android and IOS) - Shukra Tech

3. Colourize

  • Scan a B&W photo or upload one from your camera roll
  • Just a single tap automatically adds color to your monochromatic photo
  • All done – browse the gallery of your colorized photos
  • Save or share your photo memories, now in full color

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

4. My Heritage

MyHeritage puts your family history right at your fingertips. Deep Nostalgia™ provides you and your relatives with a tangible link to your family history and genealogy through old family photos. Whether you’re an avid history buff, nostalgic for a different era, or just want to show your kids how their great-grandparents used to smile, Deep Nostalgia™ will amaze you and your family.

Explore your roots, find new relatives, and make amazing discoveries. Join our global community of users and build your family tree — it’s easy and intuitive.

Build Your Family Tree

Start your family tree by entering a few names, and MyHeritage will do the rest. Our matching technologies will automatically find new information for you in our diverse collection of 81 million family trees built by users all over the world, and in our huge database of 13.3 billion historical records. Watch your family tree come to life and make fascinating discoveries, effortlessly.

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

10 Mind Blowing Apps You Must Use in 2021 (Android and IOS) - Shukra Tech

5. Android Remote

The Android TV app is now available in the App Store. Use your iPhone as a remote for your Android TV. The d-pad mode and touchpad modes let you easily navigate to your favorite content. Tap the microphone to start a voice search or use the keyboard to input text on your Android TV.

  • Use d-pad or touchpad gestures to control your Android TV
  • Enter text with keyboard
  • Search using voice commands.
  • Connect multiple remotes to Android TV for multiplayer gaming.

To get started, connect your iPhone to the same network as your Android TV device.

Works with all Android TV devices.

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

6. Photomath


  • Word problem explanations!
  • Free to use
  • Step-by-step explanations for every solution
  • Exclusive how-to animations
  • Scroll through multiple solving methods per problem
  • Multi-functional scientific calculator
  • Interactive graphs

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

7. Fluid Simulator

This beautiful Mind Blowing App creation can help you to chill, meditate, relax, relieve this pesky anxiety from your mind and enjoy your moment of life, right now. When you first launch it you’re gonna be frozen by a beauty, that magnificence, that you have never ever seen before. Believe it or not you will become happy playing it, squeezing every second from it, to experience love and connection to our big universe. 

Is it not yet convincing for you? Then you are the type of person that this app is made for. It’s going to reassure your grumpiness and you would become a very enjoyable person to be around with. Also show it to your kids, they’re gonna like it. You only have one life so what are you waiting for. Stop reading this and play it.

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

8. Remote Mouse


  • Fully simulated mouse function
  • Gyro mouse that enables moving mouse cursor with gyro sensor
  • Left-handed mode


  • Integrated with system and third-party keyboards, supports typing in various languages
  • Remotely typing by voice if the soft keyboard supports voice recognition
  • Supports for sending various shortcuts (in-app purchase)
  • Displays different keypads for Mac or PC


Simulates the Apple Magic Trackpad and supports multi-touch gestures

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

9. Wanna Kicks

With the app, you can:

  • Get new drops every week to try more kicks!
  • Check them out on your feet using AR view.
  • Share your favorite releases with friends.

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      DOWNLOAD

10. Night Eyes 

The most important functions are:

  • Three amplification modes
  • Up to 1 second * exposure time
  • Residual light amplification
  • True low light enhancement
  • Real-time luminance histogram
  • Volume Up (+) Photo Capture
  • 10x digital live zoom
  • Tap to focus
  • Color filters: green, red, blue, b/w, sepia, etc.
  • Take HD photos
  • Landscape and portrait modes
  • Supports the front & back cameras
  • Supports LED lights
  • Supports EXIF-data

iPhone      :      DOWNLOAD

Android    :      Search Night Vision

These all the 10 Mind Blowing Apps.

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