Free Telegram Vs Paid Telegram


Telegram now has its premium version. Let’s see what to know about it and how it differs from the free version. Telegram? Free Telegram Vs Paid Telegram

The subscription plan comes almost a decade after Telegram’s launch in August 2013. Like regular paid plans, Telegram Premium includes additional features that are not accessible to free users. This is the first paid version of the app and offers additional features over the existing ones that Telegram has offered over the years. 

“As Telegram has been growing at a rocket speed, many users have expressed their desire to support our team. Today we are launching Telegram Premium—a subscription that allows you to support the continued development of Telegram and gives you access to exclusive additional features,” . The company said in a blog post. 

Thanks to the launch, users can now enjoy additional benefits and existing useful Telegram features. One of the key features that Telegram Premium offers is an ad-free experience. Premium users will enjoy a file upload limit of 4GB, up from the current limit of 2GB, which is higher than the limits on competing platforms like WhatsApp. However, all users can download large files without restrictions.

Telegram Premium doubles the limits on features like your bio length, number of folders you can create, channels you can follow, groups you can join, favorite stickers, and more. There are some important differences between Telegram groups and channels, but the experience of using the paid features will benefit.

The price of Telegram Premium varies from country to country, but it ranges from $5 to $6. Although the paid plan has been launched, Telegram says that the available free features will remain free. 

these are the diffetence of Free Telegram Vs Paid Telegram.

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