5 Cool New Android Apps

All the Android users out there, these are the 5 cool new Android apps you should be trying – App Review, Some applications are really valuable, some welcome Android 12 highlights on any Android telephone and some are simply cool Android applications.

1.Privacy Dashboard

5 Cool New Android Apps - 2021 - App Review

Have you at any point thought which applications are getting to your protection authorization without advising you? 

Well! Presently you don’t need to, as Privacy dashboard will monitor that. 

Application has straightforward and clear timetable perspective on gets to area, receiver and camera. 

This application one of the 5 Cool New Android Apps chiefly centers around bringing highlights of “Protection Dashboard” as seen in DP2 of android 12 to more established gadgets. 


  • Beautiful Interface.
  • Privacy Indicators (authorization symbol will show up in upper right corner when consent is utilized)
  • Light/Dark Theme.
  • Dashboard for 24 hour application utilization on home screen.
  • Detailed perspective on authorization/application utilization.
  • No pointless authorizations.

Authorization Details: 

Availability Setting: To get application utilization for area, amplifier and camera without having the immediate admittance to camera or receiver, so more protection. 

Area Access: To get the area application utilization. 

This application will consistently be free and promotion free, so go ahead and support the improvement by means of gifts.

2.Opera GX: Gaming Browser

5 Cool New Android Apps - 2021 - App Review

Show GX brings the gaming style to your portable with custom skins, GX Corner, FAB route, Flow, an advertisement blocker and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, all in a protected private program. A gamer is a gamer, on any gadget.

Designed for gamers

Opera GX’s unique design is inspired by gaming and gaming gear, with the same style that won the desktop GX browser the Red Dot and IF Design awards. Choose from custom themes like GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze and White Wolf.

Free games, gaming deals, upcoming releases

Always just a tap away, GX Corner brings you daily gaming news, an upcoming release calendar and trailers. It’s everything a gamer needs to stay on top of the latest news and gaming deals in their mobile web browser.

Connect your phone and computer

Just scan a QR code to connect your phone and computer with Flow. It’s encrypted and safe, with no login, password or account needed. Send links, videos, files and notes to yourself in a single click, and access them instantly in your web browser on all your devices.

Lightning fast browser

Choose between the Fast Action Button (FAB) and standard navigation. The FAB is always within reach of your thumb and uses vibrations when you interact with it, which is perfect when you’re on the move.

Private browser: ad blocker, cookie dialog blocker, and more

Browse safely and load pages faster with integrated security features like the built-in ad blocker and cookie dialog blocker. This secure browser also comes with cryptojacking protection, stopping others from using your device to mine cryptocurrencies.

About Opera GX

Opera is a global web innovator headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). Founded in 1995 on the idea that everyone should be able to browse the web, we have spent the last 25+ years helping millions of people access the internet in a safe, private and innovative way.

3.Spren Notification Manager, Blocker – AI Powered

5 Cool New Android Apps - 2021 - App Review

Spren is the one of the 5 Cool New Android Apps smart notification Manager , Assistant , Cleaner ,Blocker for your Android device. Receive important notifications instantly while rest are hidden ,safely stored and organized in Spren for you to go through at your convenience. Spren helps you focus by reducing distractions while decluttering your Notifications. No more having to deal with so many notifications that you just clear everything away!! We manage notifications by using state of the art private on-device machine learning to filter notifications that don’t need your immediate attention and can be read and acted upon when you actually want to.

Spren manages millions of notifications on a daily basis helping users save 5 -15 min everyday all the while keeping your data securely only on your phone.

With Spren you get the following features

  • Notification Hiding: Reduce distractions with Notification hiding. Categorize apps into Show or Hide. Notifications from the Hidden App category are never shown on the notification bar.. unimportant notifications are hidden and a reminder is shown to the user with a summary available at all times during the day.
  • Block Promotional Notifications: Spren allows you to block Promotional notification from SMS and other apps like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Uber, Ola, Swiggy. We use state of the art private on-device machine learning to filter notification
  • Block Group Chat Notifications: Spren allows you to block Group chat notifications from apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Messenger, Instagram.
  • Collects & Organize Information / Notification History: Spren collects, organizes, and stores all your notifications in your Inbox. This notification History is only stored on the device  You can search through it to find what you are looking for. Never miss any information again.
  • Privacy Focused: Spren respects the privacy of its users. All notification data is kept on your device only. We don’t share any Notification data to our servers or 3rd party.
  • Read Deleted chat from Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Messenger, Instagram.
  • Themes: 6 vibrant app themes to choose for a customized experience
  • Ads Free: We promise to stay ADS FREE forever
  • Dark Mode: Energy-efficient and easy on the eyes.
  • Biometric Lock: to keep your data safe from prying eyes
  • Extensive Customization: Tons of settings to tune your notification settings according to your choice. Plus various Data delete Options
  • Notification Assistant : Summarize important notification like OTP

With Spren you will:

  •  Enjoy significant stretch of continuous work time without interruptions 
  •  Enjoy harmony and calm during your own, rest hours 
  •  Feel less worried and restless and be in general a lot more settled 
  •  Be in charge of your phone
  •  Reduce Battery Consumption and increment battery life by lessening telephone use

4.Mind Leak 

5 Cool New Android Apps - 2021 - App Review

This application will make you mindful of when you continue to utilize certain applications for a really long time. I call this a Mind Leak. At the point when this occurs, the application will show you, when all is said and done, gazing into the telephone (or then again another person gazing) as an update that your brain spills. This will assist you with lessening your time in the applications you wanna utilize less. 

Stop destruction looking over and decrease your screen time! Seeing yourself gazing may appear to be interesting from the start, yet it’s entirely viable at lessening the time you spend hesitating. It’s a surprising method to battle the habit-forming calculations of web-based media, support computerized moderation, or start an advanced detox. 

5.Android 12 Clock Widgets

5 Cool New Android Apps - 2021 - App Review

This is the first and unique application for Android 12 Clock gadgets with 50k+ downloads. It is protect, light, and has 0 battery use. 

It furnishes Clock gadgets with similar style of Android 12 ones and it is an independent application that doesn’t have to any extra applications to set up gadgets. 

Gadgets included with Android 12 Style : 

  • Light Analog Clock
  • Dark Analog Clock
  • Frame Analog Clock
  • Premium hued Analog and computerized styles
  • Digital Clock

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