Best 2 Websites you can earn money online

 You don’t always have to spend money to make money. If you want to launch a side gig to generate regular part-time income, or you’re just looking for some extra cash, there are 2 Websites you can earn money online, that can help you do just that.


How it works: Upwork is a meeting site where businesses and freelancers from around the world can connect and collaborate on certain projects. Businesses hire freelancers for a variety of services, including writing, web design, running SEO campaigns, and any work that can be done on a computer.

Upwork takes 5% to 20% commission, but the more money you earn, the commission will decrease.


Fiverr is a trusted freelancing platform for both buyers and sellers. It is also a popular website that helps freelancers. Know something about digital animation? You can work for someone who doesn’t have these skills and pick up some extra cash. Even better, you can offer to compile web research for someone for quick cash.

Fiverr essentially acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller and secures transactions between the two.

It’s natural to have scammers on a platform like this, but you can take precautions to avoid them.these are the 2 Websites you can earn money online. 

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