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In this article, I’m going to telling you Top 7 Best Credit Cards in UAE. Before we get started, I just want to quickly mention that these are my personal favorite credit cards. There are a lot of different credit cards that may be suitable for different types of people and different types of users.

So before you jump in and get yourself a credit card, please do your own research. Make sure that your criteria is met, and then jump in and get a credit card suitable to you. We’ll start with a simple credit cards and move on to a little bit more complex. But better rewarding cards and you can choose which one you like and which one do you prefer.

RAKBANK RED MasterCard Credit Card

It’s a very simple card. You can receive anywhere up to 300 Dhs in cashback from using this card. Your minimum spend requirement is 1000 Dhs a month. If you spend 1000 all the way up to 2,999 Dhs, you get 1% of your total spend back as cashback. If you spend 3000 Dhs or more every month, you will receive 1.5% of that amount as cashback per month subject to a maximum of 300 Dhs per month or 2% of your total card limit whichever is lower.

Another very important feature to note about the RAK Bank Red is that it’s free for life and you don’t have to pay annual charges for this card at all. It also gives you various set of features, like most of these cards do, like discounts at restaurants, easy payment plans with 0% interest and so on. It’s as simple as that when it comes to RAK Bank Red Credit.

It gives you one person cashback on every single purchase that you make, subject to a minimum monthly spend of 1000 Dhs. It’s free for life as well, you also do get two free movie tickets every single month. Now that is only applicable to the 35 Dhs movie ticket, which means you get a maximum of 70 Dhs cashback from your movie ticket spends per month. Now, in order to be eligible for the two movie tickets, you need to be spending 1,500 Dhs and not 1000 Dhs minimum per month.

It’s a very simple card. There is no claiming of your points, it just happens automatically you just go with your business, spend your money, and just keep getting your cashback, credited back into your credit card.

Lulu MasterCard Platinum Credit Card – Emirates NBD

The reason I like the Lulu card is that grocery shopping is something that we do anyway, and it’s good to have a decent cashback on your monthly grocery spends. Now they do have two different varieties in the Lulu card. One that gives you 7% cashback. And the other one gives you 3.5% cashback on your spends.

This particular one gives you 7% back on Lulu spends 4% back on all of your fuel spends. And 2% back on your utility bill payment. Which I personally think is a great return for things that you’re going to be spending money on anyway. A thing to keep in mind about this particular card is that your minimum salary requirement is 15,000 Dhs a month. If you don’t earn 15,000 Dhs a month, then I would recommend that you go for the other Lulu credit card, which is this particular one where your salary is only 5,000 Dhs per month.

This card will let you earn 3.5% on Lulu spends. 2% on fuel spends and 1% on utility payments. All of these Best Credit Cards in UAE do come with their own set of terms and conditions, fees, charges, and more.

FAB CashBack Credit Card

This card gives you 5% cashback on supermarket spends, 5% cashback on utility payments, 5% cashback on fuel spends, and 1% cashback on every other spend, which I think is one of the best offers that you can possibly find.

They also offer 300 Dhs in cashback as a welcome bonus, and your minimum salary requirement to be eligible for the card is only 5,000. So it is accessible to most people as well. Over and above all of this, you do get 2% cashback on international spends as well. I really do think this is one of the better options from the Best Credit Cards in UAE if you are in the market for a cashback credit card.

Emirates Islamic Bank CashBack Card

And last but not least, I do recommend checking out Emirates Islamic Bank’s offers when it comes to cashback cards because they have three different options and I do think that all of them are quite good. The first one is a cashback Card which is 5% on telecom expense, which is your Du and Etisalat, 5% on electronic store purchases and 1% on all other transactions.

There is no minimum spend criteria for earning cashback rewards as well, which is great because if you’re only spending 500 Dhs a month and you won’t be really tempted to hit that extra little bit of spending to just trigger your cashback In the month. The second one is cashback plus, which we’ll just come back to, and the third one is RTA.

Emirates Islamic Bank RTA Card

RTA gives you 10% cashback on fuel, spends 10% on RTA transport payments, and 2.5% cashback on international spends, as well as 1.25 on all other local spends. Now the RTA card is one of my favorite cards, especially if you are traveling by public transport in Dubai because there are two very specific benefits to this card.

One is that it does have a NOL Chip in the card itself, so if you do forget to top up your NOL card or if you’re not carrying your NOL card with you, then this particular card will save you. You can tap the credit card directly on the NOL card reader and you’re good to go.

Not only that, you can actually have a NOL Card, top of your all card using this card So you are getting 10% cashback because you are spending the money as a NOL recharge. But then you can use your NOL card to make various other purchases elsewhere where they do accept NOL cards for payments like some of the supermarkets. So you are technically getting 10% cashback on some supermarket expense as well.

Emirates Islamic Bank CashBack Plus Card

Now in terms of the cashback plus credit card, it seems like it is too good to be true because they’re giving you 10% cashback on Supermarkets, 10% cashback on education, 10% on dining, 10% on telecom, and the list goes on. They also give you lounge access, they give you access to play golf, you get a built in NOL chip on this one as well. The benefits on this card goes on.

But there are a lot of different terms and conditions specific to this card. For example, that if you’re spending under 3000 Dhs, you are not making even 1% cashback on this card. Which very clearly states that you earn 0% on supermarkets education, dining and telecom. If you’re spending less than 3000 to 10,000 Dhs, gives you only 3% in cashback, 10,000 to 17,500 Dhs of spends gives you 5% cashback and 17,500 and above, will you get to that 10% in cashback.

Now, the thing to keep in mind though is that they don’t need you to spend 17,500 Dhs on supermarkets for you to be eligible. It’s the total monthly spend. So if you are using your card for a big family or if you are using your card for your company account, or if you’re generally spending a lot of money, then by all means, this is one of the better cards for you to choose from and take advantage of those huge cashback options.


All of this information is of course accurate at the time of writing this article. This specific tip or any of these tips for that matter, can change at any point in time. So be sure to be updated when you actually sign up for a new card. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions, the charges applicable and whether these features that I’m talking about are in fact still active when you sign up for any of these Best Credit Cards in UAE.

These are some of my favorite Top 7 Best Credit Cards in UAE. I know I am biased towards cashback cards because I personally like those. But if you are interested in other types of credit, what kind of cards you are interested in, whether you’re interested in prepaid cards, like air miles, whatever it might be let me know the comment section, and if I get enough comments on a specific topic, I will write a separate article on that particular topic.

Please do not take a credit card if you don’t plan to pay it off in full every single month before the credit card due date, because that will really put you in a lot of trouble. Make your budget spend only what you’re going to spend anyway, but take advantage of these offers and benefits. If you’re willing to do all of that, get one of the cards that I recommended and let me know in the comment section if you are using a card that I’ve not mentioned in this list.

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