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Earn Money Online Free can be a way of earning extra cash online with no effort to sign up new clients and set up your own website or application. Simply create an account, enter some personal details, pay for the service you want to access or use it and start making money online. The process is quite simple and straightforward which makes it so popular among people who want to get started quickly. There are various services you can choose from to make money online. We have listed down several such services for those looking for a job opportunity.

Here are some free online jobs that you can start right now.

1. Write Reviews to Businesses you like and Find their Email address

Earn Money Online Free What you need to Write reviews to businesses you like and find their email address is Reviewing products, Phone number and Email address. The Business will send you a notification when a review is published on someone else’s website

2. Create an Affiliate Marketing Business Page

What you need to Create an affiliate marketing business page is Search Engine Optimization (Link building), Website hosting and maintenance,Domain name and Blog or website content writing and SEO

3. Become an Influencer or Blogger

What you need to Become an Influencer or Blogger is Blogger training, Website creation, Email and password and Social media management.

4. Sell eBooks

You need only Amazon Publishing Services, E books and Print on Demand, Bloggers or authors (Bloggers), Social media strategy and promotion to Sell eBooks.

5. Start Blogging

All you need is Blog Template (I have used Blogger Template by WordPress etc), Blog topic (however long it takes or how many articles you want to do) and Blog contents.

6. Build your social media presence

You need Social Media Platforms, Social Media Analytics Tool, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Channels and Social Networks to Build your social media presence.

7. Use Facebook groups to help your audience

What you need:

  • Facebook Groups (for different purposes)
  • Facebook Pages (for specific audience members)
  • Affiliate Program

8. Join Facebook contests


  • Videos
  • Photo Competition(Contending for the prize)
  • Follow Facebook Contest Rules & Regulations
  • Facebook Contest Winners

9. Search Google Adwords

Fix these All :

  • How would you like an advert to appear?
  • How much money would you like to make if we advertise on your blog?
  • How much time do you have to spend on each advert to generate more leads?
  • How much time would you like us to provide information about your ads?
  • How far apart does your adverts appear?

10. Promote Your Web Design/Web Development skills

To Promote Your Web Design/Web Development skills you need Website Templates (WordPress, Ruby on Rails), Web design tools / frameworks (GitHub, CSS files etc), Web App development tools / Frameworks (Nodejs etc) and Web App development skills.

11. Offer Paid Guest Article Writing

Content Writing Skills. (Writing article in your preferred language), Writing experience, Writing ability and you know how to write good quality content.

12. Post Your Resume at the Recruitment Hub

Online CV template/Format, Relevant Experience, Job Description, Resume Upload Template and Work Experience

13. Host a free webinar to increase your brand recognition

Your expertise in whatever product you are offering, Your knowledge about the subject matter, Your communication skill, Your speaking ability, Your writing ability and As you are skilled in any field.

14. Make a presentation on a technical issue

What you need:

  • Website Content Creation
  • A basic understanding of what you do
  • Technical Knowledge
  • To become certified

15. Write a press release and link it as a PDF document

  • Blogger Template
  • Email List
  • Proper SEO tool
  • Email templates
  • Organisation/business profile
  • Social media links
  • Direct Link
  • Media Kit
  • Advertise as a Professional in your area of interest

16. Get an eBook on an industry related topic

To Get an eBook on an industry related topic you need Blogger Template, Social media platforms, Email and Password, Ebook formatting and Advertise as a Professional in your field.

17. Research an existing market and create a blog post on it

  • Blogger Template
  • Social media platform to attract new visitors
  • Email and password
  • Blog Post Format Template
  • Organisation/business Profile
  • Social media Links
  • Direct Link
  • Media Kit

18. Be interviewed for work opportunities by recruiters

Only you need is Interview Process.

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