How to Delete Google Pay Transaction History

In this article, we are going to see How to Delete Google Pay Transaction History that we have done on Google Pay. Many of us have made money transactions to our loved ones on many occasions and then we may have wanted to not have any evidence of it, but if we look at it directly, it is not possible to delete each and every transaction in our Google Pay. Then let’s understand the trick How to Delete Google Pay Transaction History.

Delete Transactions in Google Pay.

Open your Google Pay Application tap on your profile picture in the top right corner of the Home section of Google Pay.

Then select the Privacy & Security option in the settings section below

After that select the Data & Personalization option

Then at the end of the second paragraph you will see “Google Account” clickable in blue color, tap on it

On the next page you can see all the transactions you have made so far and a cross (X) mark next to it

Tap the cross icon near the transaction you want to delete and tap OK in the next section, then you can see the transaction deleted in Google Pay.

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