How To Earn Money from Flipkart

You can now earn commissions when you buy items from Flipkart

Shopsy is the answer for How To Earn Money from Flipkart often order many items for locals, friends and relatives through Flipkart. But what if you get a commission for every item you buy in addition to Super Coin ..?

The Shopsy App is an opportunity provided by Flipkart itself. This is a commission based application of Flipkart itself. You can register at shopsy using your mobile number registered with Flipkart.

How To Earn money from Flipkart ?

1. Install Shopsy on your Android phone

2.Register an account at Shopsy or Login with your Flipkart account details (If You have an account in Flipkart already)

3.Search for the product you want to buy (The original Flipkart User Interface will also be in the Shopsy App, where Flipkart’s old order history and delivery address will be)

4. Then share the product (Available all largest selection of products at best prices & offers from Flipkart’s most trusted suppliers across categories like fashion, electronics, and more ) on Whatsapp or Facebook. (All you have to do is send it to someone. If you select Contacts, it will show the share even if you back it up)

5.All the shared products can be seen in the Shared menu in the Shopsy App

6.Then go to the product cart and complete the add cheithu order.

7.The commission will be credited to the account at the end of the return period for product delivery.

There is no need to share links like Amazon Affiliated Market and purchase with our link. Instead, only photos and details of the product are shared. And we buy it ourselves.

You can see how much commission each product gets by doing a product search.

Commission can be withdrawn directly to the bank account (not as a gift card).

Being Flipkart’s official commission app, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. Shopsy is better than using third party services like Earn karo and CashKaro App

Trusted Suppliers

We have a 1 Lakh+ trusted Flipkart supplier base that has been built over the years to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Other Benefits of Using Shopsy:

Transparent Returns/Refund Policies: Don’t worry if your contacts are not satisfied with the product. Our easy returns/refund policies will help you to solve the matter.

Stay Updated On The Latest Trends: Don’t know what to share and how to grow your online business? Check out the Learn section in the app where you can find out what’s in trend. This will help you share better collections with your contacts.

Don’t wait! Start online shopping at the best prices across fashion and more categories, and earn money with Shopsy today!

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