Top 5 iOS Camera Apps You Should Try

The Native iPhone camera app is great, but it lacks basic features. This is where third party camera apps come into play. In this article we’ll be listing out some of the Shukra Tech recommendations for downloadable camera apps for your iPhone that are Top 5 iOS Camera Apps You Should Try. So let’s begin.

1. Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by moment is first on the list. In addition to producing high-end smartphone filming equipment Moment also offers a free iOS app that is an excellent replacement for the default camera app. There are many features in pro camera by moment to get you started. The software offers full manual controls, raw capture capability and a live histogram for photography. You can also record 4K time lapse videos and cinematic videos. There’s a waveform monitor and several bitrate options for video.

2. Foodie

Have you ever struggled with how to edit your food shots after taking them? Now foodie can do most of the work for you. As soon as you open the app, even before you even see the viewfinder. The app detects what filter or enhancements it should use. Of course, you can change these and there’s a variety to choose from and control their intensity as well. The results are amazing for photos as well as videos. You do not get a crystal clear 4K photos out of this app, but clips are good enough for social media. This app is free to use and can be downloaded from the app store.

3. NeuralCam

Since night mode debuted with the iPhone 11 series, many iPhone users have taken advantage of it. However, if you have an iPhone Xs or older, The NeuralCam is the best thing. This app produces images that are nearly comparable to those produced by Apple’s night mode. You will need to maintain a steady hand when taking the images because they take longer to shoot. If you want night mode photos with additional manual controls on your iPhone, this is a useful app.

4. PorCam 8

This is a paid app on iOS, but it’s one of the most functional iOS camera apps we’ve ever used. In essence, it transforms the iPhone into a cutting edge DSLR camera. This app lets you shoot with full manual controls over exposure, shutter speed, white balance, and more. There’s even manual focus control with focus speaking. You can save your photos in multiple raw image formats. This app is great if you’re looking for better control over your iPhone’s camera.

5. Rarevision VHS Lite

Finally, we have Rarevision VHS Lite, which we found to be the most user friendly and highest quality camera app for recording video out of all the ones we tested. with Zoom buttons and a view finder that resemble those of a real VHS recorder, the layout is straightforward and nostalgic. The application can even mimic the visual glitches and poor audio that you might remember from old video tape recordings.

That are the Top 5 iOS Camera Apps You Should Try. Let us know which of these apps you try on your iPhone in the comment section.

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