What is Operations Management ?

In this Article, we are visiting learn what’s operations management. The topics that we’re visiting discuss are definition of operation management, nature of operations management, duties and responsibilities in operations management and benefits of operations management. Let’s look what we found.

Definition of Operations Management

Operations management is a vicinity of management involved in planning, conducting the method of production and redesigning business operations in production of products or services.

It requires planning, organizing, and inspecting organization’s processes to balance revenues and costs to the very best possible operating profit.

Nature of Operations Management

Operation management may be a dynamic process that keeps changing as per market trends. it’s the management of activities involved within the conversion of raw materials into finished products. Operation management may be a continuous process. it’s engaged by organizations for managing its activities as long as they continue their works.

Duties and Responsibilities in Operations Management

The duty of an operation manager is to make sure that they’re all working together efficiently and effectively so as to succeed in the required goal of manufacturing useful goods and services for consumers, Now we’re discussing the operations management responsibilities below.

Operations Management Responsibilities

1. Product Design

Product design means planning and creating a product which will be sold to the shoppers. It involves developing new concepts or expanding on current ideas in a very process which will cause the assembly of recent products. The responsibility of an operations manager is to make sure that the products to customers meet their needs yet as that’s following current market trends.

2. Forecasting

Making predictions of events which will happen within the future supported past data is termed forecasting.

One of the duties of the operations manager is to predict the customer’s demand for the company’s product. The Forecast helps the corporate to see longer term trends and therefore number of products needed to satisfy market demand.

3. Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is an associated network of people, associations, resources, activities, and technologies involved within the manufacture and sale of any product or service. A supply chain starts with the delivery of raw materials from a supplier to a manufacturer and ends with the delivery of the finished goods or services to the customer.

The operations manager manages control of inventory, the assembly process, distribution, sales and sourcing of products at acceptable prices.

4. Delivery Management

Delivery management is one in all the main responsibilities of the operations manager. The manager makes sure products are deliver to the buyer from time to time, they must follow up with consumers to confirm that the products deliver are what they’re require and meet their needs.

Benefits of Operations Management

Product Quality

Operations management staff is that the first crew in a very company that verifies durability in safety, during a product reviews to quality of products that will suit customers on. And after delivery


Productivity is truly the ratio of input and output. it’s the sole thanks to measure employee’s effort. It ensures the most effective staffing to maximise the output of an organization.

Customer Satisfaction

Operation management helps to reinforce the Goodwill and presence of the organization. It ensures that the simplest quality products are delivered to any or all customers that might provide them with better satisfaction and make them happy Customers.

Maximize Revenue

Operational management directly affects the profitability of the organization. It focuses on lowering the value of operations by reducing the misuse resources, operations managers review every production activity and take significant steps for maintaining productivity within organization. Operations managers attempt to keep an appropriate balance between cost and revenue.

Improve Innovation

Operation management implements innovative changes in organizational activities. Operation managers take all decisions regarding production planning by conducting research and study of overcoming market conditions. It considers all technological changes and develops a robust base of information and operations.

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