10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games

Looking for something new and free to play on your iOS or Android mobile device? Here’s some stuff you might want to check out.-10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games of 2022- Game Review

10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games

1.Rysen Dawn

In this game you’ll play as RYSEN, he’s a live decoration who broadcast his parkour abilities and getting income from it. You get an opportunity to become mainstream live streaming parkour ace. 

Show your best parkour moves to your in-game devotees. 10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games


  • Next-Gen Mobile designs.
  • Comfortable on-screen regulators.
  • NPC respond to your acts out.
  • Listen to your number one music utilizing in-game act out framework.
  • You can Dance and do basic parkour stunt utilizing in-game act out framework.
  • In-game Photo Mode.
  • Get supporters for your live streams to bring in-game cash.
  • You can run this game on 60FPS.


  • You should open and prepare earphones prior to stacking music.
  • Store your music in Internal Storage/R-USER Games/Rysen Dawn/Musics (for Android 10 and 11 clients: Internal Storage/Android/information/com. ruser games. rysendawn/records)
  • It can just load *.mp3 documents.
  • If you empowered Auto Scan Music in settings, then, at that point avoid the beneath steps!
  • There will be a catch to stack music in upper just in the wake of empowering earphones in act out wheel.

Photograph Mode: 

  • Screenshots are put away in InternalStorage/R-USER Games/RysenDawn/Screenshots (for Android 10 and 11 clients: InternalStorage/Android/information/com.rusergames.rysendawn/documents).
  • Resolutions doesn’t influence your screen captures. Ex: If you take screen capture (utilizing photograph mode) in 30% goal, It naturally convert it to 100% Resolution.

Significant Notes: 

  • At least 2GB smash.
  • If you get dark screen, award every one of the required consents.

2.Evil Nun 2

From the creators of the evil nun horror game: The Granny Evil Nun is back in an action thriller, so prepare to feel again the horror in the Nun games school! This year horror escape games are frightening than ever

We are sure you are not a big fan of finishing horror games easy, you prefer playing

haunted house games, horror escape room games and stealth horror games that are actually a challenge,

so that’s why you have been really waiting to play again the Nun game. From all the scary stories you have heard and all of the thriller games offline you

have played this scary granny’s one is by far the worst, and we know you love it! Play again this survival horror games and say “Hello Neighbor” to your old friends! Are you ready to jumpscare from your seat? Are you ready to beat the nun before she comes the granny evil nun?

That’s why we are bringing her back, to the Nun games school, in the one of the best scary escape games we have ever made! Here, you will

adventure escape dangers with the same level of threat as a serial killer, like Mr. Meat, or even the scary ice cream man from Ice Scream, Rod. Say

“Hello neighbor!” again to one of your most beloved horror character. This is a must of evil games in 2020 try to run from a scary escape room!

More Details

Do you remember Mr Met? Do you like adventure escape game? This is our brand new stealth horror game! If you played the Evil Nun or other thriller apps you will know already know what a horror games escape is.

From all the free scary games and scary escape room games, the Evil Nun 2 is the one that will give you the most nightmares, more than any horror

stories. If you want horror games for kids, this is definitely not your game, because our game will sure jumpscare

you while feeling the anxiety of a horror escape room. Are you ready to play this new game in your neighborhood?

Remenber Evil nun games aren’t adventure escape game they are horror puzzle games with scary horror hunt monsters!

The Evil Nun part number 2 will be for sure among the most amazing thriller offline games, but it will also offer you to know about the dark

past of Sister Madeline the scary granny evil nun that protagonizes our creepy games saga. Be ready to survive the different thriller

scary stories you will be trapped in while trying to beat the Nun game. She’s not a granny evil nun in this game. If you use to play horror games scape you will like it!

The Evil nun games series is waiting for you with new challanges and new horror puzzle games!

As in all of our scary escape games, you will have to use all things in your hands to escape, not like in scary games for kids:


  •  Feel scare than in any other thriller horror games
  • Be careful not to make any noise! Like in Ice Scream, Madeline and her monsters will hear you for sure.
  • Explore all secret places in the nun horror game school, much bigger and with more rooms than you think, this scary backgrounds are terrorific!
  • Hide like your favourite horror stories characters, it’s the key to survival!
  • Make sure you craft weapons to fight back in a nun horror game shooting, this is one of the worst evil games you will play!
  • Monsters will make the school almost a haunted house, so run whenever you see one of them or they will hunt you!. Remember this an adventure
  • Solve all the puzzles that you won’t find in other creepy games.

But more important than anything, enjoy your adventure escape! Evil Nun part number 2 is made by horror games for free lovers, just like you.

We are in love with our games and we really enjoy giving players awesome experiences that can be shared with everybody. You can not miss the oportunity to play the nun horror game school offline! The evil nun horror game series are back again!

3.Princess Connect! Re: Dive

A story that reverberates: the enormously famous RPG, Princess Connect, is here for a worldwide crowd. 

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is at last accessible around the world! A blockbuster title that encompassed Japan and China with its prosperity, the game shows up upon new shores on account of an intriguing cooperation between Crunchyroll Games, Cygames, and funplex. 

Start your excursion across the place where there is Astraea with Heroines! 

 A Wondrous Tale Told Through Beautiful Animation 

Hypnotizing cinematics created by the famous activity studios! 

Loaded with story and brilliantly enlivened scenes! 

Simple Yet Deep Real-Time Battles 

Beguiling Heroines participate in energetic continuous fights! 

Simply tap to initiate their UNION BURSTS and beautiful cut-in livelinesss! 

Select characters with one of a kind abilities to shape your #1 group! 

Deepen Your Bond With Your Heroines 

Rise and reinforce the characters by step up and preparing epic weapons! 

Develop your bond with every Heroine and open extraordinary story content! 

Voiced By Your Favorite Actresses! 

In excess of 50 Heroines uncommonly voiced anticipate you in Astraea! 

Pecorine (VA: M•A•O) 

Kokkoro (VA: Miku Ito) 

Karyl (VA: Rika Tachibana) 

Yui (VA: Risa Taneda) 

Hiyori (VA: Nao Toyama) 

Rei (VA: Saori Hayami) 

Hatsune (VA: Ayaka Ohashi) 

Miyako (VA: Sora Amamiya) 

Maho (VA: Maaya Uchida)

4.Forsaken World

Spurned World: Gods and Demons is a dream RPG of terrific extents. Jump into a universe of ceaseless experience where fortune and magnificence anticipate the willing. Assault a mythical serpent’s nest, look for lost ancient rarities, or simply partake in some fishing in the shade. Your activities will impact your general surroundings through awe-inspiring tale occasions that will shape the eventual fate of Calindor. Make some meaningful difference and become a legend. 


  • A Vibrant World 

Submerge yourself in the amazing scenes of Forsaken World. Take to the skies to get the best perspective on Calindor as you investigate every last trace of the land and uncover its numerous insider facts. Visit the good Dwarves for their best spirits after a long experience or lounge in the captivating tunes of the Elves to lift away your difficulties. Interface with different players and exchange your merchandise and assets the name of thriving. 

  • Dynamic Gameplay

Another experience starts each time you sign in. Start your day with a walk around the market for certain elixirs. Get together for certain companions for an old style prison slither, or work on some tradeskills at your relaxation. A straightforward trip for spices may trigger an exceptional occasion that prompts an epic dragonslaying experience. Regardless sort of player you are, you’ll discover your bringing in Forsaken World.

Other Features

  • Play Your Way

Change your class whenever and practice your person any way you see fit. Blend and-match capacities and abilities to accommodate your battle style, and modify your appearance with beautifying agents to draw out the genuine you. No two players are something similar in Forsaken World. Create your own playstyle utilizing a wide assortment of customization choices and test it against the best difficulties. 

  • Large-Scale PvP

The attacking Storm Legion, fighting groups, and savage natural life have transformed the world into a risky spot, however not all dangers are outer. In the midst of the disarray, societies furiously conflict with each other over land and assets. 10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games Will you frame unions and maintain harmony, or vanquish for the sake of everlasting magnificence? Whatever you conclude, you are in good company! Make or join a society, fabricate Guild Fortresses, and become a guardian angel or a champion.

5.Death Park 2

The new part of the notable loathsomeness! 

Battle your bad dreams, discover the mystery of Death Park, tackle cool riddles and save your sister from the horrible comedian! 

You should visit 8 gigantic areas, including Farland, city medical clinic, burial ground, sewer and army installation. 

You will actually want to move between this present reality and the universe of rest to address riddles and battle beasts. 

All areas are loaded up with weapons, puzzles, and different beasts. Where did they come from and what occurred there? This is the thing that you need to discover. 

Address riddles and battle beasts and the jokester to protect your sister and attempt to get away from Farland alive in our alarming science fiction frightfulness game. 


  • Scary jokester, numerous beasts and weapons 
  • Huge world: 8 distinct areas 
  • Exciting creator’s storyline with 8 endings 
  • Great illustrations 
  • Unique riddles with two trouble levels 
  • Perfect Horror: Intense interactivity, unexpected screamers and frightening environment 
  • Original creator’s soundtrack 

6.Ronin: The Last Samurai

An epic swordfight experience where each second decides last chance! 

Carefully depicted in an ink-and-wash painting style, play as the last samurai of a conflict attacked period in which he lost the master he served. To vindicate the ruler’s demise, you should step up, open new capacities, gather different hardware, and continually endeavor to become more grounded. Remember: The way of retribution is extremely dangerous and difficult, and when you pass on, the solitary way is to begin all along. Just a genuine samurai who comprehends the method of the blade by chopping down incalculable adversaries will make due to the end lastly leave his name ever! 

Alert! Ronin: The Last Samurai is allowed to download and play, yet some in-game things can be bought with genuine cash. In the event that you would prefer not to utilize this component, kindly square in-application buys in gadget settings. Also, as per the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you should be somewhere around 15 years of age to play the game and a web association is required. 


  • Strong foes that show up in each part have a special battle design and ought to never be thought little of. By crushing solid adversaries, you can procure uncommon plunder to additional overhaul your key capacities. 
  • Winning a fight is fairly basic. Either assault or guard. 
  • Fixation”, “Time Distortion”, “Demolition” – Gain the high ground fighting by effectively using various Skills of every weapon. 
  • By squeezing the Block or Attack button, you can repel the foe’s assault or play out a Counter Flash just before the foe assault lands. Remember 10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games that life and passing relies upon this brief instant choice! 
  • Stay hardheaded by overcoming different sorts of foes that substitute your direction on a delightfully delivered combat zone. On the off chance that you can’t sort out the foe’s example, passing is unavoidable! 
  • Pet companions with exceptional capacities will be your lone dependable buddies in desolate fights.
  • Unlock new capacities through preparing, gather and overhaul an assortment of gear to continually develop further. 


Free disconnected endurance FPS! Play the best zombie game now

Expert many weapons and become a profoundly gifted zombie executioner! 


Zombeast is a creative OFFLINE endurance shooter with one reason: kill them all! 

You were left to make due in a city loaded with frantic zombies. 

To fight off a multitude of dead you need to turn into a high-gifted zombie executioner! 

Energizing effort offers you to make due in the unfeeling universe of the zombie end of the world. Every day can be your last day, so you should utilize the entirety of your abilities to remain alive, chase down every dead objective in a grisly butchery activity of this FPS zombie game. Try not to stop for a second to pull the trigger and recollect – the dead men excuse no slip-ups! 


• Intense interactivity with air visuals and sound portraying an evil zombie end of the world 

• Campaign missions and little objectives give steady difficulties to conquer distraught zombies 


• Unlock an armory of zombie executioner weapons and other stuff to overwhelm swarms of zombies 

• Kill zombies with guns, marksman rifles, miniguns, shotguns, attack rifles, explosives and even batt! 


• Run forward as a zombie executioner or become a dead objective. Zombie endurance game with the most high speed First Person Shooter (FPS) activity you’ve at any point seen! 

• Zombie executioner shows no benevolence. Get by as long as you can! 


• Learn your foes – for every one of them has its own extraordinary highlights. Fat zombies, hopping zombies, distraught zombies with swords, harmful zombies. There is no kind of dead objective we’ve abandoned! 

• Easy to learn, hard to dominate zombie game. This 10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games First Person Shooter trains you as a zombie executioner and the principle rule of making due in this world is to kill them all. Hide behind vehicles and blockades which left for you on every area and pull on the trigger! 


• Check out levels with mutators: every dead objective becomes more grounded and quicker! 

• Destroy distraught zombies with polished firearms in this fps zombie game!


• Endless run mode to prepare your abilities of zombie executioner on assortment of dead targets 

• OFFLINE Zombie game with continuous updates to convey new missions, highlights, and content 


Astracraft is a sandbox meanderer create and battle game on versatile. Explore your creation into an incredible space experience! 

Power your direction through a flanking move

This isn’t your battle alone! You will confront foe assaults everywhere. How would you break out of the circle and traps? Go full force and race through it! Use traps and explosives for your potential benefit, escape this enclosure, and become the one mecha who could vanquish this spot!

Hyperspace arms advancement

You need all that you can will endure the danger of the two snares and encompassing foes. Chrono Tracers, Hover Bullets, and Flashbangs will bring you into the Hyperspace Age! Transform into a chrono professional killer, use quantum jumps to go through time, and hurl yourself entirely into the preliminaries of traps! Flashbangs cause visual deficiency. Use them to surprise your foes and switch things around of fight! At the point when you’re out of alternatives, Hover Bullets can leave adversaries speechless. Blow them to bits as they suspend into the air! 

The extraordinary Storm Trial is standing by

Be careful! Passing is stowed away in each edge of the wild Party Paradise! Explosives, flamethrowers, ground spikes, moving logs and boulders…You need to track down the best way to make due through this extreme preliminary! Worn out on a similar 10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Gamespreliminary levels again and again? You can turn into a maker. Spot or even plan one of a kind trigger snares however much you want. Leave it alone a test! Experience, fervor, suspense…Make it a shock for your prey! 

Mechas, standing tall

Double mode Device—An unmatched creation in Gaia Galaxy. Transform into the second structure between the gunfire! The ideal combination of Mechacrus and Turbo Wheel has brought ARMS both high velocities and light-footed developments. Change consistently among moving remaining still. Allow the mechanical skeleton to grow and stand! One little advance for an ARMS…one monster jump for the space station! 

9.Ghosts of War


  • Weapon overhaul

There is weapon advancement informal breakfast – work on your #1 weapon, add qualities and harm. 

  • 3 exceptional guides 

Incredible stunning front lines with tanks, ships and constant activity. Each guide is fascinating in its own specific manner, each guide has its own highlights. 

  • Huge munititions stockpile of WW II weapons 

There are 23 kinds of various weapons: Mosin nagant, Mauser, Thompson submachine firearm, different guns, quick shoot assault rifles and numerous other. 

  • Different characters 

There are characters of such nations as: USA, Russia, Japan, Germany with various skins. 

Pick your person and wage war! 

  • Battle-pass 

Finish jobs concurring mission show, you will get new weapons and disguises with level rising. The higher your level is, the higher is grant. Put forth a valiant effort, officer! 10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games

  • Game cards assortments 

Gather exchanging game cards to settle the score more interesting and costly weapons. Trade cards with different players to fabricate the best assortment! 

  • Camouflages and knickknacks 

Modify your weapon – there is an incredible assortment of weapon skins in the game: from brilliant and bright to genuine metal skins with inscriptions. To stand apart your weapon, you can hang your own knickknack charm. 

Right now two game modes are accessible: 

  • Deathmatch 

Everyone should save themselves, contend with different players on the guide and take top places first. 

  • Team fight 

Join with colleagues and annihilate adversaries in online shooter about Second World War.

10.Stella Arcana

Travelers should now gather the 5 Astral Crystals dispersed all around the land to open this secret, and open an entrance to the Deathstar. 

  •  Level cap raised to Lv.90 
  •  Fresh out of the box new Map – Chryseis 

The Archbishop has gathered Adventurers to this new and risky land. Complete the Chryseis Quests to open Cross-Server Camps and the Pneuma framework. 

  •  Camp versus Camp – Dawn Contract and Soul Echo 

To battle for the uncommon Soul Crystals on Chryseis, Dawn Contract and Soul Echo are gathering the landmass’ best fighters. Join a camp and battle for wonder!10 Best FREE iOS & Android Addictive Games 

  •  Starfire Gate 

Collaborate with the most courageous across the place that is known for Thel to protect the Deathstar from the approaching crowd of evil presences. Get uncommon Pneuma relics as remunerations. 

  •  Pneuma framework 

Pneuma are antiquities used to implant the spirits of the passing. Gather incredible Pneuma in Chryseis to acquire amazing soul ascribes! 

  •  Second Enchantment 

Because of the eager endeavors of Enchanter Ailsa, your fantasy about possessing a weapon with two arrangements of supernatural charms has now worked out as expected! You presently have greater adaptability against incredible managers! 

  •  Shiny new Dungeon – Windrider Ruins 

The reality of Tír Nanóg lies stowed away in the Windrider Ruins. Rout the Holy Wind Beast to learn of privileged insights obscure to the world.!

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