5 Awesome Features of Samsung Z Flip 4

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 Awesome Features of Samsung Z Flip 4 that are not found in a normal smartphone.

Samsung’s Z Flip 4 is investing the energy to be a definitive Gen Z force to be reckoned with telephone. It probably won’t engage some, yet the BTS Armed force won’t think often about their viewpoint.


This smartphone you can fold and use in pocket and handbag, it is very compact and comfortable.

2.Flex Mode

While watching a video on YouTube, if you fold the phone halfway, you can see the video above and the comments and recommended videos of that video below. Similarly, when you are chatting on WhatsApp, if you fold the phone halfway, the chat window will appear above and the keyboard below, then the mouse pointer and the tracking pad options will appear.

5 Awesome Features of Samsung Z Flip 4

3.Self Standing

You can make a video call by folding it half on the table without any mobile stand or tripod. Or you can put it on top of the wall and shoot photos and reels.

4.Cover Screen

You can set cool colorfull wallpapers and animations on the outer cover screen of Samsung Z Flip 4. And you can place calendar, weather and music control widgets.

5.Rear Camera Selfie

With the preview on the cover screen of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, you can shoot high quality selfie photos, videos and reels using its rear camera.

These are the 5 Awesome Features of Samsung Z Flip 4

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