Apple Watch Series 8 Review: Should You Upgrade?

The Apple watch series 7 was not a big leap for the Apple watch. Apple Watch Series 8 Review : It introduced a bigger display, received IP6X dust resistance, and offered faster charging along with the new S7 SIP. While this seemed like a lot, it did not add much in terms of data features when compared to the series 6 models.

A new apple series 8 is an even milder upgrade, gets you all the capabilities of the series 7, but the new S8 SIP enables features like crash detection and retrospective ovulation tracking for women. Are these enough to warrant and upgraded series 8, or should you choose a series 7 instead while it’s still available? Let’s find out. In this review.

Apple Watch Series 8 Pricing

Like the series 7, the Apple Watch Series 8 is available in 41mm and 45mm case sizes and two case finishes, which are aluminum and stainless steel. And just like before, you have to choose between the GPS and GPS plus cellular models. Series 8 with the 41mm aluminum case is priced from 45,900 rupees for the GPS model, and 35,900 rupees for the GPS and cellular model.

The Series 8 with the 45mm aluminum cases available at 48,900 rupees for the GPS model and 58,900 rupees for the GPS and cellular model. The Series 8 model with stainless steel cases are priced upwards of 74,900 rupees for the base 41mm case with GPS.

The Apple Watch Series 7 model received bigger displays last year, and Apple has retained them. There are no other cosmetic changes with the new models either. Even straps under the Series 7, depending on the case size, are compatible with the Apple Watch series 8. The construction quality is fit, and finish of the new Apple Watch Series 8 is very good.

My watch came with the standard Black Sport band in the package, and I also received a Summit White and Black Nike Sport Band. which I ended up using along with the Nike watch face that is now available on all Apple Watch models. Despite the watch’s weight of 38.8 grams, the Series 8 felt quite comfortable to bear while working, exercising, or otherwise.

Apple Watch Series 8 Design

The Iron-X glass display on the Apple watch Series 8. It now gets scratched during the review period and the same can we said about the aluminum case, which done against a thick metal chain and survive with no scratches. The Apple watch Series 8 is water resistant up to depth of 50 meters, and it has an IP6X rating for dust resistance.In the box, Apple bundles only a magnetic charger with a USB-C port at the other end.

Apple Watch Series 8 Display

The Apple World Series 8’s 1.9 inch LTPO OLED display is the same as that of the series 7. It gets quite bright and I had no problems doing it outdoors, though always on implementation works brilliantly and makes it quick and easier to glance at information available on a watch face without having to flick my wrist to wake the display all the time.

Apple Watch Series 8 Performance

With WatchOS 9 and the new S8 SiP, performance was smooth and fluid. Whether I was opening and running apps, using the watch to monitor workouts or just switching between the beautifully designed watch faces. Among the new watch faces is play time, which has these fun balloon numbers floating in and out of the display to reveal the current time.

Apple’s new high-range accelerometer and gyroscope can now detect a wider range of G-forces than was previously possible. And these are using for its new crash reduction feature. According to Apple, once a crash is detected, your iPhone and Apple watch both work in sync and will call emergency services or notify emergency contacts if the user does not intervene within 10 seconds.

The new temperature sensors now make it possible for women to receive retrospective ovulation estimates, which can be handy when planning a family. This is also set to provide to improve period predictions. Sleep tracking was available with the Apple Watch, but WatchOS 9 adds sleeps, delivering a lot data to help users develop better habits.

In my experience, I found the Sleep Stages data to be quite accurate. I like how the apple was Series 8. Provides two sleep tracking readings in the health app, one telling me the total time I spent in bed and the other showing me the time I actually spent sleeping. What’s still missing is the ability to track naps, as sleep tracking still only works during assigned bedtime hours.

The apple Watch’s fitness tracking accuracy was quite good. Whether it was GPS tracking when walking through my neighborhood, which is with trees and buildings or tracking short in workouts, SpO2 tracking when with the pulse oximeter was not perfectly accurate. It kept fluctuating between 95 and 97%.

Apple Watch Series 8 Battery

Battery life on the Apple Watch. Series 8 was good as on the CD seven, and the device lasted about two days on a single charge. When connected to my Wi-Fi network and to my iPhone, my usage mainly involved viewing and responding to notifications and about 30 minutes of exercise on some days, all with the always on display enabled.

Switching on the new low power mode in Watch West Nine extends body life by half a. Except for sleep tracking. All health tracking features and the always on display are switch off, so it’s only useful for those who solely use the app to watch for viewing notifications.

Apple Watch Series 8 Pros & Cons

The Apple Watch series 8 is a solid Smartwatch for Health and Fitness Tracking, and thanks to watchOS 9, users can now also get accurate sleep tracking data. What hasn’t changed or improved a lot is battery life, which is now becoming a differentiator between the Apple Watch and similarly price Smart watches from other brands.

Crash detection is a feature that no other mainstream smart watch manufacturer has delved into yet and is currently unique to the 2022 Apple Watch models. If you are using an Apple watch series 7, you really don’t need to upgrade unless you think you’d really need the ovulation tracking and crash detection features.

If you are looking to update from an Apple Watch series 5 or older, I would recommend waiting for a sale and getting hold of an Apple or Series 7 at a discounted price. And if you are an Apple Watch user and simply crave something different, you should check out the Apple Watch Ultra, which aims at no adventures types, but has a bigger battery and a bigger display.

And that’s it for our Apple Watch Series 8 Review. What do you think of the new Apple Watch? Tell us in the comment below?

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